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Wealth Link is our financial wealth management tool that enables you to organize, monitor and maintain all of your important financial and personal information.


  1. View all of your assets and investment accounts in one place, with balances updated daily.
  2. Store all of your important documents in one secure place
  3. Create Alerts to notify you of specific changes in your total financial portfolio as well as remind you of important dates or tasks
  4. Track all of your award programs in one place
  5. Collaborate more effectively with all of your advisors

Through your own secure and protected Personal Financial Website WealthLink provides you with the tools, coordination and control you need in order to monitor your finances.


WealthLink employes the most advanced security features and protocols to keep your data safe, private and secure. Comprehensive security protection measures include password protection, secure socket layer encryption, firewalls, intrusion detection, audits, inspections and more. You can be confident that your important information is safe and secure.


Unlike using online banking, trading or shopping websites, your money cannot be moved, withdrawn or accessed on our system.


You have a unique UserlD and Password. If three consecutive login attempts fail, the system automatically locks your account for 10 minutes, blocking any manual or programmed hacking attempts.

Your User ID and Password will never be given out over the phone or sent to an email address that is not pre-registered with your account.


WealthLink uses a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer that scrambles your data to prevent unauthorized access. This is the highest level of encryption currently available today.


WealthLink houses your important information with SunGard Data Systems, a revolutionary server hosting space. As one of the most trusted systems in the industry SunGard hosts 70% of all financial transactions.


WealthLink utilizes with third-party security auditors including McAfee, TraceSecurity, and WhiteHat Security to continuously try to hack into the system. Their firewalls have never been breached.

Wealth Link is Verisign certified to be hacker safe. To receive this approval, the system is updated every 15 minutes with tests for newly discovered vulnerabilities and validated fixes from hundreds of sources worldwide.